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Mailing Paper or Pixels with Microsoft Word 2013

  • Mar 15, 2013
  • In this chapter from Microsoft Word 2013 Plain & Simple, learn how to print envelopes, create mailing labels and business cards, send a document by email, and execute a mail merge.

Tracking and Referencing Documents in Microsoft Word 2010

  • Aug 12, 2011
  • In this chapter from MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft Word Expert, Excel Expert, Access, and SharePoint Exams, you'll learn the mechanics for creating different types of reference material for a document, including bibliographies, cross-references, indexes, and tables of authorities (which are used in legal documents).

Create Compelling SmartArt Diagrams and Charts in Microsoft Word 2010

  • Oct 8, 2010
  • In this chapter from Microsoft Word 2010, you learn about SmartArt, the diagramming tool that is included as part of Word 2010, and find out how to add and enhance charts in your Word document. What’s more, the charts you add interact easily with Excel 2010, so you can use simple worksheet sections or complex calculations as part of the charts you create.

Customizing and Securing Microsoft Word 2010

  • Aug 15, 2010
  • Katherine Murray discusses the customization and security features of Microsoft Word 2010, in this chapter from Microsoft Word 2010 Plain & Simple.

Working with Special Content in Word

  • Jun 24, 2010
  • This chapter from Microsoft Office 2010 Plain & Simple talks about cover letter templates, inserting equations, using text boxes to create sidebars and pull quotes, creating watermarks, and working with other special characters and content.

How to Insert and Modify Diagrams in Microsoft Word 2010

  • Jun 2, 2010
  • In this chapter from Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step, you’ll insert a diagram into a document and specify its size and position. Then you’ll change the diagram’s layout, visual style, and color theme. Finally, you’ll see how to use a diagram to arrange pictures in a document.

Organize Information in Columns and Tables in Microsoft Word 2010

  • Jun 2, 2010
  • In this chapter from Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step, you’ll first create and modify columns of text. Then you’ll create a simple tabbed list. Finally, you’ll create tables from scratch and from existing text, and format a table in various ways.