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Windows 8 Administration Pocket Consultant

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Windows 8 Administration Pocket Consultant


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  • Published 9/15/2012
  • 1st Edition
  • 672 pages
  • Book 978-0-7356-6613-9

Portable and precise, this pocket-sized guide delivers ready answers for administering computers running Windows 8. Zero in on core operations and daily tasks using quick-reference tables, instructions, and lists. You’ll get the focused information to solve problems and get the job done—whether at your desk or in the field.

Get fast facts on these essential topics:

  • Configuring and optimizing Windows 8 computers
  • Customizing the desktop and UI
  • Configuring user and computer policies
  • Managing disk drives and file systems
  • Managing devices, drivers, and software
  • Administering data access, availability, resource sharing, and security
  • Configuring and troubleshooting TCP/IP networking
  • Administering TPM and BitLocker Driver Encryption
  • Managing mobile users and remote access

Online Sample Chapters

An Administrator's Guide to Customizing the Desktop and the User Interface for Windows 8

Introduction to Windows 8 Administration

Sample Pages

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Windows 8 Administration
  • Chapter 2: Configuring Windows 8 Computers
  • Chapter 3: Customizing the Desktop and the User Interface
  • Chapter 4: Managing Firmware, Boot Configuration, and Startup
  • Chapter 5: Configuring User and Computer Policies
  • Chapter 6: Automating Windows 8 Configuration
  • Chapter 7: Managing User Access and Security
  • Chapter 8: Installing and Maintaining Applications
  • Chapter 9: Managing Hardware Devices and Drivers
  • Chapter 10: Handling Maintenance and Support Tasks
  • Chapter 11: Using TPM and BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • Chapter 12: Managing Disk Drives and File Systems
  • Chapter 13: Managing File Security and Resource Sharing
  • Chapter 14: Maintaining Data Access and Availability
  • Chapter 15: Configuring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networking
  • Chapter 16: Managing Mobile Networking and Remote Access

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