eBook FAQ

What restrictions are placed on my eBook files?

Once you have downloaded the file, no passwords or logins are required to read, print, or transfer your eBook files. Your eBook files contain a watermark that associates the file to you, the purchasing customer, but does not by itself restrict your use of the file.

What is a watermark?

When you order an eBook, we create a personalized copy of the file, with your name applied visibly but discreetly on the document, plus a non-visible ID number. These identifiers contain no other personal information about you.

Can I make copies of my eBook files?

You can make copies for your own personal use on up to 6 devices. You may not transfer or distribute the copies you make to other people or put the files on servers where others can read or access this content.

You may not edit the files, but you may view or print them for personal use.

How soon after purchase will my file be available?

When you place your order, we immediately begin processing your file to personalize it. This process takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

How do I download my file?

After purchase, your file will be accessible from your Account page, under the "Digital Purchases" section. You must be logged in to access your Account page.

Read our eBook download instructions to learn what formats are available for different devices.

How long will my file be available on my Account page?

We usually store your watermarked file for at least 3 years following the purchase date, but we can't promise to store files for any particular length of time.

If a title goes out of print, or if we cancel or modify our Website or Services, such that you will no longer have access to the download link in your account, we will provide at least 90 days advance notice to you using the contact information associated with your account.

What does it mean to "refresh" my eBook?

Your file will be available via your Account page for 7 days after the date of purchase. After 7 days the file will "expire," but with one click you can "refresh," or regenerate, your file.

Files expire so we do not have to store every file ever purchased—our garage is only so big. The expiration and regeneration model allows us to keep things nice and tidy while making sure you continue to have access to your digital products.

How long does the regeneration process take?

File regeneration generally takes less than one minute. After clicking "Refresh" you will see a status indicator, and links will be active again when the process is complete.

Are eBook files ever updated?

Files are updated if there are changes and/or corrections. Regenerating and redownloading your file ensures you'll be getting the most up-to-date version.