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Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 5th Edition

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 5th Edition


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  • Published 5/1/2002
  • 5th Edition
  • 656 pages
  • Book 978-0-7356-1495-6

From broadband to wireless, XML to Xbox, Tablet PCs to digital TV—here’s the one resource that defines over 10,000 technical terms for home and office! The fifth edition of the award-winning MICROSOFT COMPUTER DICTIONARY has been fully updated and expanded with thousands of new entries. You get simple, concise definitions for understanding even the most arcane terms—as well as the newest high-tech acronyms and jargon. From A: (drive) to zettabyte, the MICROSOFT COMPUTER DICTIONARY makes the latest technology accessible to all!

COMPREHENSIVE CONTENT Covers everything from smartphones to superservers, 10Base2 to ;-)

DEFINES AND ILLUSTRATES Helpful diagrams and drawings complete the picture for complex topics

RELEVANT TO ALL Whether you’re a home user or an industry professional, you’ll find terms and concepts essential to your understanding

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