Identify the core components of Microsoft Power Platform

Chapter summary

  • Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based data storage solution that the Power Platform applications can use to maintain their data in a secure, manageable environment.

  • The Power Platform tools are able to connect directly to many different data sources, including local files, network resources, and cloud-based services.

  • A default Microsoft Dataverse instance has a base set of standard tables, which the developer can populate with data from outside sources.

  • Columns are the attributes within a table that contain specific types of data. If an entity in the Common Data Service is the equivalent of a table in Microsoft Dataverse, then a field is the equivalent of a column in the table.

  • An environment is a container for the apps and flows created in Power Apps and Power Automate, as well as the data they use.

  • Connectors are Power Platform components that allow Power Apps and Power Automate to interact with outside applications, services, and data files and utilize their data.

  • Triggers are components in Power Automate that cause a flow to begin running. Actions are specific modifications made to the data provided by an outside application or service.