Understand Azure data solutions

Summary exercise

In this summary exercise, test your knowledge about the topics covered in this chapter. You can find answers to the questions in this exercise in the next section.

Northwind Electric Cars Inc. is an international car racing and manufacturing company with 500 employees. The company supports racing teams that compete in a worldwide racing series. Northwind Electric Cars has two main locations: a main office in Manchester, England, and a manufacturing plant in Modena, Italy. Most employees work in the facility in Italy.

During race weekends, Northwind Electric Cars uses an internal application called Guardian to read and analyze telemetry data sent by multiple sensors installed in the cars to the Manchester data center. This telemetry data is sent in real time to a MongoDB database and moved to a SQL Server database for a later analysis using a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package.

Northwind Electric Cars is in the process of rearchitecting its data estate to be hosted in Azure, decommissioning the Manchester data center, and moving all the current applications to Azure. Technical requirements are as follows:

  • Data collection from the Guardian application must be moved to Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL Database.

  • Data must be written to the Azure data center closest to each race in the minimum amount of time.

Answer the following questions about connecting Azure services and third-party applications:

1. Which services should you use to replace MongoDB and SQL Server on-premises with an Azure solution but leave the application code as is?

2. Which technology should you implement to satisfy the requirement to write telemetry data to the closest Azure data center?

3. With what should you replace the SSIS package that copies telemetry data from MongoDB to a SQL Server data warehouse?