Introduction to microservices

Moving forward with the microservices architecture, open source, and Azure

We hope that this provides a level set for readers to understand microservices architecture as we go deeper into our case study and the decisions we’ve had to make with Open Source Software (OSS) tooling and using Microsoft Azure.

Moving forward, we will go into greater depth in this book, describing different concepts in detail that we’ve touched on in this chapter. Our case study—the OAS shown in Figure 1-9—will be the context for understanding and using these concepts as we go through this journey together.


FIGURE 1-9 The Online Auction System is our real-life case study to help you understand how to use microservices architecture to build out your own modern, cloud-native applications

This book’s goals

Ultimately, we hope this book will arm you—whether you are a developer, architect, consultant, or simply someone who wants to dive deeper into this topic—with the information you need to better understand the microservices architecture.

After reading this book, we hope you are sufficiently prepared to take on the challenge of building this out in a cloud-native setting such as Azure to solve your business need—whether it be through modernizing your application, migrating your application workloads, changing management, and so on. We hope that the world of microservices and open source can be the catalyst for making this a reality for you. Let’s dive in!