Modify the structure and appearance of text

Key points

  • You can format many aspects of a paragraph, including its indentation, alignment, internal line spacing, preceding and following space, border, and background. Within a paragraph, you can control the content structure by using hidden line breaks and tabs, and the appearance of the content by changing the size, color, style, effects, and spacing of the text.

  • You can apply paragraph and character formatting manually, or you can format multiple elements of a paragraph, and control the outline level of the content, by using styles.

  • You can change the formatting applied by all the styles within a document by changing the document theme or any individual element of the theme, such as the theme colors, theme fonts, or theme effects.

  • To make a set of items or instructions stand out from the surrounding text, you can format it as an ordered (numbered) or unordered (bulleted) list.