Configure networking

  • 7/5/2018

Thought experiment answers

This section provides the solutions for the tasks included in the thought experiment.

Scenario 1

  1. There is probably something wrong with the wireless adapter. Maybe it isn’t enabled or needs an updated driver to work.

  2. Probably. The Network And Sharing Center Internet Connection troubleshooter can discover that the Wi-Fi adapter is disabled, although it might not know why. If the adapter is functional, it can enable it with administrator approval.

  3. You can try the Action Center to see if a new driver is available for the Wi-Fi adapter. If not, you can try to locate one using Device Manager. You can also refer to the manufacturer’s website to find out how to enable the Wi-Fi adapter, if that is the problem.

Scenario 2

  1. Location-aware printing. This feature enables default printers to be configured based on the network the user is connected to. Location-aware printing uses the Network Location Awareness service and the Network List service to determine the network location.

  2. Use the Netsh command to show the list of wireless profiles and then use this command to forget specific networks: Type netsh wlan delete profile name=<profile name>.

Scenario 3

  1. You need to create an exception for the Media Player Network Sharing Server (Internet) in Windows Firewall.

  2. You can perform this task in Windows Firewall. You will create an app exception.

  3. Yes. You must be able to input Administrator credentials or be logged on as an Administrator to enable Change Settings in Windows Firewall.