Create tables and lists

  • 2/6/2017

Objective 3.3 practice tasks

The practice file for these tasks is located in the MOSWord2016\Objective3 practice file folder. The folder also contains a result file that you can use to check your work.

  • In the Word 3-3 document, do the following:

    • In the Characters of a Hit Fantasy section, format the four paragraphs as a bulleted list that uses the standard bullet character (•).

    • In the sections titled The Hero and The Teacher, format the paragraphs as bulleted lists that uses a custom bullet symbol of your choice from the Wingdings font.

    • In the Plot Elements of a Hit Fantasy section, format the three paragraphs as a bulleted list that uses the four-diamond character (icon5.jpg).

  • In the section titled The Sequence of Events, do the following:

    • Format the four paragraphs below the heading as a numbered list that uses the A. B. C. number format.

    • Paste a copy of the list into the last blank paragraph of the document, and restart the list numbering. Change the number format of the second list to the 1) 2) 3) format.

    • Immediately below the second list, paste another copy of the list, and change it to a second-level list.

    • Change the second-level list to a bulleted list that uses the square bullet character (squ.jpg).

  • Save the Word_3-3 document.

  • Open the Word_3-3_results document. Check your work by comparing the open documents.

  • Close the open documents.