Create tables and lists

  • 2/6/2017

Objective 3.2 practice tasks

The practice file for these tasks is located in the MOSWord2016\Objective3 practice file folder. The folder also contains a result file that you can use to check your work.

  • Open the Word_3-2 document, and do the following:

    • In the Customer List section, delete the ID column from the table.

    • Perform a nested sort to sort the table in ascending order by State, then by City, and then by Last Name.

    • Delete all rows that contain contacts located in Boston, MA.

    • Add two blank columns to the right side of the table. In the header row, enter Date at the top of the first column and Time at the top of the second column.

    • Add a blank row to the top of the table. In the table style options, turn off the Header Row formatting.

    • In the blank row, merge the cells above the Last Name, First Name, Address, City, and State columns into one cell. Enter Customer in the merged cell.

    • In the same row, merge the cells above the Date and Time columns. Enter Appointment in the merged cell.

    • Select the top two rows of the table. Format the text as bold, and center the text horizontally and vertically within the cells.

    • Change the width of the table to 100 Percent of the page width.

    • Select the table rows that contain customer information. Set the height of the rows to 0.4” and the cell alignment to Align Center Left.

    • Scroll to page 2 of the document, which now contains several rows of the table. Configure the table to repeat the Customer/Appointment header row at the top of the second page.

  • Save the Word_3-2 document.

  • Open the Word_3-2_results document. Check your work by comparing the open documents. Then close the documents.