Agile Project Management with Kanban: Adapting from Waterfall

  • 3/16/2015


Here’s a checklist of actions for your team members to adapt from Waterfall:

  • Explain why a change is necessary.
  • Reassure team members that they can do their work as they did before, without learning new roles or unfamiliar terminology.
  • Introduce daily standups that are attended by the entire feature team.
  • Describe why it’s important to work on features in small batches.
  • Decide which features will require formal specification documents and which can be specified informally with whiteboard photos and notes.
  • Determine how lower bug backlogs should affect bug-management and stabilization periods.
  • Arrange opportunities for frequent customer feedback on the continuous value added to your products.
  • Perform the actions listed in the checklist in Chapter 2, “Kanban quick-start guide.”
  • Measure completed tasks and unresolved bugs, or whatever productivity and quality metrics you choose, on a regular basis.
  • Celebrate productivity and quality improvement (as well as continuous delivery of value to customers).
  • Answer any questions team members have with respect and appreciation for their past accomplishments.