SharePoint 2010 Real-World Projects: Building a Basic FAQ Solution

  • 3/15/2012

Reviewing the Platform

The solution in this chapter was built using the features in SharePoint Foundation. The remainder of this section discusses the design options available to you if you are using a different version of SharePoint.

If You Are Using SharePoint Online with Office 365

This solution can be implemented as is on the Office 365 platform. If you are running a version of Office 365 that includes the enterprise features, refer to the following sections to learn about additional customizations you can make to this solution.

If You Are Using SharePoint Server Standard

If you are using the SharePoint Server Standard version, you can implement this solution as is. Because you have access to additional search capabilities, you could consider adding those to your solution by providing search links for your users that help them quickly locate various FAQs.

If You Are Using SharePoint Server Enterprise

If you have access to the features in SharePoint Server Enterprise, you can use InfoPath Forms services to further customize and style the list views. In this chapter, we added multiple web parts to the pages to accomplish some simple styling. With the enterprise features, you can easily do the same by using InfoPath Forms services.