Ted Pattison

Dr. Joe Hummel is an assistant professor of computer science at Lake Forest College and a .NET trainer for DevelopMentor. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine, and has been working with DevelopMentor and Visual Basic since 1993.

Ted Pattison is a cofounder of Barracuda.NET, a company dedicated to helping developers and companies become successful in building networked applications. Ted has worked in the software industry as a developer and educator since 1990. His primary focus over the last decade has been teaching software developers how to use technologies and tools associated with Microsoft's development platform. Ted is the best-selling author of Programming Distributed Applications with COM+ and VB 6.0 and is a regular contributor to MSDN magazine, where he writes the "Basic Instincts" column.

Justin Gehtland is a founding member of Relevance, LLC, a partnership dedicated to elevating the practice of software development.

Doug Turnure is an instructor at DevelopMentor and an occasional speaker at software conferences. Through his company, Aggelos Incorporated, Doug provides services to help companies develop and deploy software solutions. Brian A. Randell is an instructor and researcher at DevelopMentor specializing in COM+ and VB. Brian is also a senior consultant at MCW Technologies, a Microsoft Solution Provider.