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Overview and C++ AMP Approach

  • Sep 15, 2012
  • In this chapter from C++ AMP, you’ll learn the basic differences between a CPU and a GPU, two of the possible components of a heterogeneous computing solution, and what kinds of problems are suitable for acceleration using these parallel techniques. Then you’ll review the CPU and GPU parallel techniques in use today, followed by an introduction to the concepts behind C++ AMP, to lay the groundwork for the details in the subsequent chapters.

Working with Multiple Accelerators in C++ AMP

  • Sep 15, 2012
  • This chapter from C++ AMP shows how to choose among different C++ AMP accelerators and select the best ones for your code. It also covers running C++ AMP on more than one accelerator and using Parallel Patterns Library (PPL) code running on the CPU to orchestrate the GPU accelerators or execute work more suited to the CPU.