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Laurence Moroney

MARINA FISHER is a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems. As a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE, she provides Sun’s Fortune 500 customers with assistance in architecting, designing, implementing, and deploying large-scale enterprise applications. Her background spans across financial, retail, manufacturing, and other sectors, with emphasis on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), interoperability, and application security.


RAY LAI, a principal engineer from Sun Microsystems Chief Technologist’s Office, specializes in financial services and SOA solutions. He has developed and architected enterprise applications for leading multinational companies around the globe. He is also the author of the book, J2EE Platform Web Services, and coauthored Core Security Patterns. His current technology focus includes application security and JSF/AJAX-style prototyping.


SONU SHARMA is an engagement manager with Client Solutions Organization at Sun Microsystems Inc. Sonu specializes in managing, architecting, and implementing scalable, reliable, and high-performance business critical enterprise applications using Java EE and XML Web Service technologies for Sun’s Fortune 500 customers. Prior to working at Sun, Sonu has worked on architecting, designing, and building enterprise solutions in the fields of e-commerce, banking, and insurance.


LAURENCE MORONEY is the director for technology evangelism for Mainsoft where he is responsible for sharing and shaping their unified .NET and Java EE architecture to enable and empower interoperability. Prior to Mainsoft he worked as a Senior Architect in the Reuters CTO office where he worked on research into Web Services Interoperability, Social Computing, and Trading Networks. Author of several books on Web Services and .NET, as well as dozens of technology articles, Laurence is based in Sammamish, Washington.